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Bookkeeping, GST & BAS

Data Entry from Source Documents
Classification and Coding of Transactions for GST
Prepare and Lodge BAS and/or IAS
Accounts Receivable and Payable
Preparation of Electronic Payments ABA Files
Bank, Petty Cash and Credit Card Reconciliations
Prepare Cheques for your Signature
Debt Management & Recovery
Maintain Tax and Accounting Asset Registers
Workcover, Payroll and Superannuation Compliance
Prepare Trial Balances
Prepare Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets
Written Analysis of Business Performance
Liaison with Accountant of your choice

Accounting Services

Snapshot and Dashboard Reporting
Static and Rolling Budgets
Actuals vs Budget Reporting
Cashflow Analysis, Forecasting and Monitoring
Job/Project Costing
Business Forecasting and Modeling
KPI Reporting
Non-Financial KPI Reporting
Financial Analysis
Business Plans and Business Improvement Plans
Succession and Exit Planning


Technology Services  

MYOB Business Partner
MYOB Sales, Installation and Training
MYOB Design of invoice, statement templates etc
Broad Software Solutions
Spreadsheet Design
Business Systems Design (Manual and Computerised)
Broadband and Networking
Hosting, Websites and Web Presence
Source and Install Computer Systems (Hardware)



Consulting Services


Expense Reduction Analysis
Instant Sales Improvement Programs
Instant Cashflow Improvement Programs
Customer Relationship Management Programs (CRM)
Strategic Planning Assistance
Back Office Improvements and Efficiencies
Business Development and Improvement Strategies
Business Risk Assessment
Performance Improvement Reviews
Accounting and Internal Control Reviews
Business Branding
Business Systemisation
Policies and Procedure Establishment